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Our desire is to create great looking, high quality, and sustainable coasters for everyone. If you have a great design for a coaster, we'd love to see it! However, in order to have your design chosen to be sold on the site, it must be of high quality, not break any of our 'rules', and pass our designers' sometimes (admittedly) arbitrary qualifications. We want what's sold on our site to look great, and we know you do to!
What are the general 'rules' for submitting a design?

Mainly, and for obvious reasons, we can't accept anything that is copyrighted or offensive. No naughty words or naked body parts. We also ask that your design is of the highest quality. We understand that art is subject to loads of opinion, so don't fret if your submission is not chosen, it just isn't right for our site.

Will I get paid if my design sells?

Yes, absolutely! You will be paid from the very first purchase of your design and every purchase after that. There are no sales levels to reach or caps that you'll hit. We also allow you to set your own prices to a certain extent. We have a base price for coasters in sets of 8. You can add to that base price and everything over it is yours.

What specifications does my artwork need to be?

Currently all of our coasters are 4 inches by 4 inches with .25 inch rounded corners. We prefer raster images so it's best to set up your artwork at 4.25" x 4.25" with .25" bleed at 600 dpi. It's best to send the printable artwork via PDF but we will accept an extremely high quality JPG. Although we will require the full high quality artwork if your design is chosen for the site, it is not required when you submit it for consideration. A smaller preview will suffice.

How can I submit?

Send your artwork to Be sure to tell us about your design and what inspired it. Also, if you haven't noticed by browsing our site, we love stories that go along with the coaster designs. Give us your best story to go with your design!

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